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Gallery - 1984 Trek 770

This Trek 770 is owned by Wayne Bingham's wife, MJ. He writes: "The 770 is fully hot-rodded, with custom paint and Mavic 631 drive train, but still is very retro."

"My wife, MJ, grew up in Wisconsin and went to college in Milwaukee. While going to school, she worked at Rainbow Jersey. They were a big Trek dealer, and had a long relationship with Trek, going back to the earliest days. MJ even toured the Trek factory in '86. The 770 was actually a 770R, which was a built bike with a full Campy Super Record (reduced) group. It was aqua in color and was put on display in the shop. MJ was riding another Trek at the time, and just fell in love with the 770. Unfortunately, she couldn't afford to buy it outright, so she cut a deal with the owner of the shop to let her partially work it off in labor hours. Her bike-racer boyfriend at the time told her she didn't "need" a bike that good, which only made her want it more. She got the bike, started training hard, and eventually dropped her boyfriend (both romantically and on the road!)."

"MJ came to the Washington area on an internship to work for USIA and, of course, brought her bike along. This was probably around '87 or '88. She took a part-time job at a local bike shop where I was also working part-time, which is how we met. We've been together ever since."

"The paint on the Trek had started to bubble and flake off at the bottom bracket. MJ got in touch with Rainbow Jersey and made arrangements to send the frame back to Trek for a repaint, which we did. When the frame came back, it not only had the newer generation decals (which MJ didn't like), but it also had a really lousy paint job. The paint was really thick in some places (with runs) and thin in others (particularly at the BB). MJ complained to Trek and they eventually just gave us $150 toward a repaint we could arrange locally. They also sent another set of newer decals, which I still have. That's also where the correct Reynolds decals came from. MJ was just finishing up her degree, so for her graduation I gave her a De Rosa I got from a friend at Gita. He also painted frames, and I had him paint it pearl pink. I put all the SR components on the De Rosa, and the Trek was hung in the basement."

"I always liked the Trek, and decided I wanted to do something with it. I had a friend that did custom painting for racing motorcycles, so I decided to give him the Trek to paint. I told him I wanted to accentuate the lugs but other than that, he could do whatever struck his fancy. He had the frame for over a year, and the final results are what you see now. The frame has still not been clear-coated. I was going to install the decals and then he was going to clear-coat, but we some how never got around to it. Serious procrastination. My friend's not even painting anymore."

"I had been gathering the Mavic components, and thought the Trek would be a good platform for them. I set the bike up for me, not MJ, although we are close in size. I still ride it, and rode it at the Cirque (Classic Rendezvous) last year (2001). It really is a sweet bike."





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