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Gallery - 1980 Trek 414 owned by Tim Fricker

Tim writes: "I bought this bike in 1980, new, from Larry Black at College Park Bicycles. (Note: Larry is also a contributor to this site.) You can still see the yellow College Park sticker on the down tube in a couple of the shots. It was bought as a built-up bike, but as I already had a set of wheels I liked better than the stock wheels, Larry let it go for less, sans wheels. I think it came to $319, if memory serves. This is the bike that the 1980 manual on the site came with."

"Over the years, I've used it for day rides mostly, but also a little racing and some touring as well. I noticed in the '79 Bicycling review of the similar 714 that they said it was a good touring bike, but you could race it without being embarrassed, or something like that. All I can tell you is it sure wasn't the bike's fault I won no races!"

"Anyway, nothing on it now is original, except the frame. It had many of the original parts for a good 15 years, however, including the DiaCompe 500 G brakes and SunTour Vx derailleurs. In fact, most of those parts are soldiering on in daily use on my Fuji commuter. I just upgraded bits and pieces as the spirit moved me. Currently, as you can see, it has a Sugino AT triple crankset (probably my favorite triple), Shimano derailleurs (STX-RC rear, Ultegra front), Shimano barcons, old Royal Gran Compe brakes (pretty!), Campy Record brake levers, Nitto B115 bars and Technomic stem, Velox tape, Brooks B.17 Champ. Special, and a Carradice Nelson bag (with wood block spacer ala Sheldon Brown), and SKS fenders. Oh, and the wheels are Shimano RSX hubs laced to MA-2 rims."

"Originally, she had a SR Apex forged crank (the 412 had the swaged model), SunTour Vx derailleurs and downtube shifters, DiaCompe 500G brakes and levers (q/r on the calipers), SR bars and stem (which I only replaced about a year ago, when I finally decided the 39cm were silly for someone 6'-1+"), and an Avocet Condor saddle. The original stock wheels, I know had Rigida 1320 rims, which I think were on SunTour Vx hubs, but since I didn't get those, I'm not 100% sure. The wheels I used were Rigida 1320s with Avocet Mod. I high flange hubs, swapped out for racing with Fiamme Red Label on Campy Tipo h/f."

"Okay, so that's probably more than you wanted to know. This was my first really nice bike (it replaced a '77 Fuji S-10S, a swell bike in its own right, but not compared to the Trek), and I've had a lot of great times on it over these 23 years. It's still my favorite, and the bike I'd be heartbroken to lose in any way. It has traveled twice by Greyhound and once by plane, but I don't think I'd do that again. Especially since on that flight my luggage vanished, but the bike arrived safely!"

Tims notes that, in communication with master framebuilder Joe Stark, it appears that Joe built Tim's 414 while working at Trek. Joe later worked for Masi, California and also built Rivendell Bicycles.

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