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Gallery - 1985 Trek 620 - Kirk Rappe

Note: 1985 is the year the 620 had the very desirable 47cm long chainstays, the same as the 720.

Kirk writes: "My goal was to build a bike for commuting to work, doing errands, doing moderate length rides with friends, and of course touring. I found this Trek 620 (serial number 160067) at Budget Bicycle in Madison, WI last January and it was in pretty decent condition.

"I had it repainted into the current crimson color and had the "WisconsINnovation" logo placed on the chainstays. Last year the Wisconsin Historical Museum in Madison, WI had an exhibit on Trek bicycles since they are a "homegrown" industry. Being a history major at UW - Madison and having grown up in the Badger State, I thought I'd add this commemorative touch.

"About half the components are new - I kept the original Matrix wheels, but replaced the rear hub, which was failing, with a Hyperglide 105 rear axle. This allowed me to keep the 126mm spacing in the rear axle dropouts.

"The front chainring is a 50-45-24 tooth set and the front derailleur is a Sachs-Huret clamp on. The rear derailleur is a 1994 Shimano Deore DX. Obviously the person who owned it before me upgraded it since '84.

"Due to an unfortunate "accident" with some degreaser "not compatible with anodized aluminum" I had to replace the headset and stem with a new Ritchey Logic headset and unknown stem.

"The handlebars are Nitto Randonneur bars with Cane Creek aero levers. The shifters were originally downtube, but I realized early on I don't like to take my hands away from the brakes too much.

"Shimano brifters, I heard, cannot be replaced if they break, and I also didn't like the feeling of bar end shifters (again, a bit like the reason I don't like downtubes). So, I learned about the "poor mans brifter" - Kelly Take Off mounts which move my downtube shifters up and next to my brakes. They are wonderful and this is probably one of the best decisions I made in restoring the bike - not quite as slick as brifters, but hey, a heck of a lot cheaper!

"The bar tape was wound in a harlequin pattern - found at: I then shellaced the tape to give it some toughness.

"Fenders and bicycle computer by Planet Bike.

"The coloring of the bike actually has some significance - since I intend to do a tour of Germany someday (I've already been there twice and have relatives living near Essen), I have the black, yellow, and red representing Germany, and I guess, in hindsight also the red and white of the University of Wisconsin.

"For a 22 year old bike, it rides beautifully!"





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