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Gallery - 1987 Trek 560 Pro - Gerry Gardetto

Gerry writes: "The bike is a Trek Model 560 Pro Series with the Red to Orange fade paint job. It is a 21" frame. I purchased it from a little bike shop, no longer in business, called Bike Specialists. They were located in Niles, Michigan just across the border from South Bend, Indiana, which is where I live."

"I purchased the bike in 1987. The list price they were asking was $569.00. With a little dickering I got the price down to $499.00 for the bike. He also gave me the two water bottle cages and water bottles. I purchased the little frame pump from him for $19.95. That brought the price to $518.95 + tax of $20.76 for a grand total of $539.71."

"Oddly enough, they didn't write the date on the receipt, but if memory serves me correctly, I think that was because at that time I couldn't afford to pay the whole thing at once. I remember paying a deposit to hold the bike. My wife, realizing how much the bike meant to me, surprised me by driving me to the bike shop, not telling me she was taking me there, of course, and helped to pay the remaining balance on the bike so that I could have it in time for my brother-in-law's bike ride. He hosts his own rides in Jackson, Michigan of roughly 25 and 50 miles."

"The bike has been mostly to Michigan, with some trips within Indiana where I live. Some specific places in Michigan include Jackson, Traverse City, Mackinaw City, Mackinaw Island, Three Oaks, and Edwardsburg. The rides have included the Sommerfield Spectacular Sprint (my brother-in-law's ride), Turning Leaves Century, AppleCider Century, Cereal City Century, and the Blossomtime Century. My wife and I have also ridden with the American Lung Association century rides."

"Currently, I am the cycling merit badge counselor for Boy Scout Troop 451 in South Bend. I have 8 scouts who are earning this merit badge. They are required to do 2 rides @ 10 miles, 2 rides @ 15 miles, 2 rides @ 25 miles, and a final ride of 50 miles in less than 8 hours. Some of the boys have never done rides of any significant distance. It has really excited me to see these boys, some of them are admitted couch potatoes, getting out and doing this. So far we have done the 10 mile rides, the 15 mile rides, and 1 - 25 mile ride. They have one more 25 mile ride and then the 50. All the boys have remained in the program. I guess that means they have taken to the spirit of cycling. They all have mountain bikes. So they were a little surprised to see my road bike. Many of them thought the bike was new. They didn't realize that the bike is basically 18 years old. That made me feel great."

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