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Gallery - 1980 Trek 710 - Skip Echert

"In June of 2009, John Keller, a major contributor to the site, e-mailed me that he was sending me something. I was looking forward to some materials for the site. It turned out to be a 1980 Model 710 frame, and in excellent condition. I was stunned! What a generous gift. He said it was a thank-you for the Vintage-Trek site. Naturally, I began thinking about how I was going to build it up even before the shock wore off."

"I decided to make it up as a mix of 1970s parts and newer parts. The rear dropouts were spaced at 128 mm. (Trek did this on purpose This would allow me to use both 126mm non-indexed hubs and 130mm indexed hubs. I opted for 8-speed Shimano bar end shifters that I had stashed away. In friction mode, these would allow me to use 5, 6 and 7 speed non-indexing cogs in the back as well as an 8-speed cassette hub in click-shifting mode. "

"The frame came with an Avocet bottom bracket. I have always admired Avocet Cranks. After several weeks of looking, one showed up on eBay and I was fortunate enough to win it. Upon arrival, I saw that it was in near-new condition, and as attractive as I remembered them. Gearing is 52/47/28 half-step plus granny. The larger chainwheels are 144mm BCD. The smaller chainwheel can be either 74mm or 102mm BCD, as the spider is tapped in two places for the inner ring."

"The brake calipers and levers are SunTour Superbe. The hoods are black Campy copies. I found the hoods rather hard to install, being a bit thick and inflexible. Front brake pads/holders are Scott Mathauser (which unfortunately are no longer being made). I polished the aluminum holders, as they come with a crude finish. Rear pads are Kool-Stop Campy replacement type (salmon compound) in Suntour Superbe holders. A bit of trimming on the back of the pad is necessary to allow them to fit in the holders."

"The rear wheel has an Ultegra hub, 8-speed 11-28 cassette, and Mavic Open Sport rims. The bike currently has a Shimano 600 front hub, but that soon will be changed to a SunTour Superbe from my stash of parts, and a Mavic Open Sport rim to match the rear. Dave, my friend and business partner, gave me a pair of Campy Nuovo Record wheels with tubular rims and butted spokes. These will see service on the 710 after they are refurbished."

"The SR stem is has a 60mm reach and can extend 115mm above the minimum insertion line. Total quill length is 190mm. These can be found on eBay, with some regularity, for less than $25. However, sanding and polishing is needed to make them look good. It is a less expensive, vintage alternative to the Nitto Technomic. The Nitto handlebar is new."

"Supporting the Brooks Professional saddle is a Gipiemme seatpost. The rear derailleur is a Shimano XT, which can provide the chain wrap necessary for the wide-ranging crank. The front derailleur is a SunTour Mountech. While the rear Mountech derailleur is one of SunTour's mistakes that helped it go out of business. (it quickly failed due to dirt intrusion), the front is a quality part, capable of shifting well from the smallest to the largest chainwheel. It has a long tail, which is needed to clear the chain when on the small chainwheel and small cogs."

Click on each picture to see an enlargement.

Note the thinning of the headtube and seattube lugs. Masterfully done.


Underside of fork crown showing the reinforcing gusset. In the 1980 brochure, this is called the "Trek integral tang" crown.




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