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Bike Resources

There is a lot of information about vintage road bikes on the web. Listed below are a few web sites that are excellent sources of information and that will help you find other resources.

Reproduction Decals

We are fortunate to have an excellent source of reproduction Trek decals in There are over 60 Trek decal versions available for purchase on the VeloCals site.

George Ramos has for sale two versions of early Trek seat tube decals. The first has white letters with gold outline on a silver metallic background with yellow bands at top/bottom and "United States of America" in the yellow band. See it here. The second is just the white TREK letters with the gold outline but with no background. Contact George at

How To Contact TREK

Trek web contact interface:

Other Useful Sites

| Trek Information | General Vintage Lightweight Bicycle Information |
| Sites about Specific Bike Manufacturers | Other Sites of Interest |

Trek Information

Specifications and pictures for 2003 and newer Treks are available on the web site archives.

The web site has a massive database of 1993 to current bicycle specs and photographs. The information includes specifications (and some photos) of Trek bikes from 1993. The database is a product of

Trek Mountain Bike Data in the Museum of Mountain Bike Art & Technology (MOMBAT) - by Jeff Archer. A listing of Trek mountain bike models by year, with specifications.

General Vintage Lightweight Bicycle Information

Classic Rendezvous - by Dale Brown - - an impressive collection of vintage lightweight photos and related information. Dale also hosts the Classic Rendezvous e-mail list, on which enthusiasts share vintage bicycle information. Dale gives a page of in print and on the web publications on his site at The site also includes a list of bike painters and restorers.

Classic Rendezvous Lightweight Vintage Bicycles Mailing List - This list is probably the best source of information on pre 1984 road bikes. These folks are the heavyweights of classic lightweight collecting, so to speak ;-). Many famous names, people with hundreds of bikes, at least one with a thousand bikes. Important - Read the rules before posting. The list was moved to Google Groups in February of 2011. To join the new group one must obtain a Google account and then apply for membership into the group. Membership is required to submit postings and also to even view the postings. Dale Brown runs a tight ship, making the C/R list wonderfully informative. Chat about other than vintage lightweights is done elsewhere.

The Classic Rendezvous posts made prior to February 2011 can be searched here:

Harris Cyclery by Sheldon Brown - - A wealth of insightful articles. On Sheldon's site is an extensive list of links to other resources.

"The e-Richie Collection" of bike brochures and catalogs. A huge (250+ GB) source of bike and maker information. A team effort: framebuilder Richard Sachs' collection, with contributions by others, scanned by Duane Kennard with web site hosting by Mark Bulgier.

"VeloBase" "The goal of is to provide a comprehensive database of vintage cycling knowledge for reference during everything from restorations to general maintenance to researching the cycling history through the equipment of the time." A valuable resource for identifying those bike components you have, and those out there that you don't yet have.

Velo-Retro - by Chuck Schmidt - includes vintage bicycle catalog reproductions and a detailed timeline for Campagnolo components. Velo Retro has a long list of links to other bike-related sites.

A Guide to Used Bicycles by Lou Deeter. This is an informal guide to road bicycles that gives capsule information on many, many bicycle brands. This is an excellent quick reference for collectors. It includes a valuable section on how to inspect and evaluate a used bike. Available as e-mail attachment ($3), on disc ($5), or in printed form from author. E-mail: or mailing address: Louis Deeter, 9235 Ridge Pine Trail, Orlando FL 32819. has extensive information on various types of steel tubing and their properties. Included are Ishiwata, Reynolds, True Temper, and Columbus. (In this write up, the standard Reynolds 531 tubing in early Treks is known as 531C.) See:

Rijdor Bike Shop - Bike Collection - an extensive set of vintage bicycles, including several Treks.

Sites about Specific Bike Manufacturers - Information on early Cannondale bikes, including numerous annual catalogs in PDF format. The site is by Brian Delucia.

Classic Fuji - "A comprehensive set of tools to identify FUJI bicycles by serial number and model." This extensive site, by Bill Reavis, includes Fuji catalogs from 1971 to 1991.

Hobbs of Barbican web site by Bruce Robbins and Bob Reid. Information about Hobbs of Barbican, "one of the most sought after and highly respected of the many lightweight racing bikes that existed in the middle of the last century."

Historic Hetchins Web Site A Virtual Museum Dedicated to Hetchins Bicycles of Historic Interest. The elegance and fine workmanship of Hetchins frames have made the name legendary. - "A Site for the Lotus Enthusiast". Lots of information about the many models of Lotus bikes.

Recycles by Kris Echert

Peugeot PX 10 Database - by David Goerndt, hosted by "The purpose of this web page is to provide a visual history of the PX-10 and its variants as well as providing the answers to questions that I and others have about the origins of the marque."

Cycles Retro-Peugeot - Peugeot Show - An extensive collection of Peugeot bicycle catalogs spanning 1929 to 1989.

Retro Raleighs - originated by Ray Chong and now maintained at Sheldon Brown's site - dedicated to the Raleigh/Carlton lightweights of the days of yore." (This information-rich site served as the inspiration for the Vintage-Trek site.)

Schwinn Lightweights - by Bob Hufford - a compendium of Schwinn information from 1960 to 1979.

Other Sites of Interest

College Park Bicycles & Mt. Airy Bicycles Bike List, This site, owned by Larry Black, has over 3,000 used and vintage bikes for sale. This is described as the largest collection of bikes of its kind in the world. Follow this link to the two hundred Trek bikes for sale there. Search for other brands and types of bikes as well.

Recycled Cycles in Seattle, Washington, USA, specializes in used and reconditioned bicycles, but has lots of new bikes as well. Especially important for old bike aficionados are the various bins of used parts. Their repair shop is first rate. A special treat are the many vintage road bikes hanging from the ceiling.

Sellwood Cycle Repair is a full service bicycle repair shop in Portland, Oregon, USA. They really know vintage road bikes and components. They also offer quality used bikes and frames for sale, and accept bikes for sale on consignment. Some of these frames and bikes are listed on their site,

A Dial-Gauge Bicycle Wheel Building Stand for $100 - by Chuck Connell. An elegantly simple, low-cost way to quantify the "true" of bicycle wheels. It helps answer the question "When is it good enough?" or the related question: "Can I stop now?".



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